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Nathan Alexander
Promo Producer / Editor

Hi, thanks for checking out my work.

I started editing on two VCRs in my parents' living room when I was a kid, and I haven't stopped yet!

I have two decades of experience in writing, producing, editing, color correction, sound editing and mixing, titles and motion graphics.

I got my start in promos at Hulu, where I spent 7 years as an in-house producer and editor. I wrote and produced (sometimes directed) trailers, EPKs, and movie/tv show promos. I also had the opportunity to write and produce Hulu brand campaigns for nationwide broadcast. 

I cut the trailer for Hulu's first feature, the documentary Becoming Bond, before moving to Revolve Agency in 2017.

At Revolve, I wrote and edited trailers and tv spots for clients including Disney (broadcast & theatrical), Lionsgate, Sony, Turner, FX Networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox

During the pandemic I cut spots for Call of Duty before beginning a 2-year run as a freelancer at Create, Workshop Creative, and Known, followed by a year at Trailer Park, cutting trailers and promos for tv and theatrical projects.

I'm available now for freelance and full-time assignments.
Contact me today and let's talk about what I can bring to your shop!

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Nathan Alexander

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